Trampoline Park Professional

Trampoline Park Professional
Product Details

professional trampoline park

This site includes a professional trampoline area, a foam pit sponge pool area and a free jumping area.

The Safety height is about 1.2m-1.5m.

Can carry 40 people to play at the same time.

And the price is about 65$/square meter.

Can be manufactured within 45 days.

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Trampoline matsSoft package (EVA Foam, outsourced PVC leather.
Trampoline fabricNylon or resin.
springsCold coil Spring.
Safety netsNylon Net.
WoodPlank Material (paint-free plywood, multilayer board, 2cm thick).
Stairswooden, with soft mats.
Packaging Black Core cotton package, PE film packaging.
Welding Technology Arc Welding.
Drilling Teflon Paint for surface treatment.
OtherGalvanized pipe.
Nylon Buckle Belt (width about 10cm).
Metal Pillar.
With Hole Square steel pipe.
Diameter 17, diameter 16 screws, matching nut, galvanized gasket.
SuggestionsThe number of visitors should be controlled and kept in safe play.
Check the structure regularly and tighten the screws.
Check the mats and nets regularly, keep solid cover at all times.
Keep Clear.
Do not bring sharp objects into the site, may cause damage to the equipment and even injured personnel.
Do not scrub with strong corrosive liquids.
If the parts need to be replaced, please contact zboy company,do not use other factory parts in this equipment. 

We have passed a variety of certification, our process is very mature.

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Through the construction drawings, guide you to complete the installation process.

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