Best Bounce Indoor Trampoline Park For Sale

Best Bounce Indoor Trampoline Park For Sale

Zboy trampoline park equipment, in accordance with the United States ASTM standards for production.
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Best bounce indoor trampoline park for sale



Trampoline park contains components:

  1. Soft pad (EVA sof foam,outsourcing PVC skin,containing wood)

  2. Trampoline surface(Nylon jumping mat )

  3. Cold coil spring(tension spring)

  4. Nylon buckle (the width is about 10cm)

  5. Galvanized pipe frame

  6. Screws:Diameter 17,Diameter 16 ;matching nut,galvanized gasket.

  7. Nylon safety net

  8. Galvanized pipe(EVC soft foam)

  9. Board material for passage(paint free plywood,multilayer board,thickness 2cm)

  10. Step(wooden,outer soft)

  11. Olympic trampoline








Trampoline Park
1. Soft Roll (EVA soft foam, outsourcing PVC skin, containing wood)
2. Trampoline surface (nylon)
3. Cold coil spring (tension spring)
4. Nylon buckle (the width is about 10cm)
5. Metal column
6. Square steel tubes with holes
7. Diameter 17, diameter 16 screws, matching nut, galvanized gasket
8. Nylon net
9. Galvanized pipe and galvanized pipe sleeve
10. Galvanized pipe (EVA soft foam)
11. Board material (paint free plywood, multilayer board, thick 2cm)
12. Step (wooden, outer soft)
13. Olympic yrampoline
14. Plastic (ladder, slide)
PackingWrapped in black core cotton, PE film
Welding technologyArc welding
Drilling technologyDrill hole
Surface treatmentTeflon paint
Using processCold saw cutting, polishing, welding, spraying Teflon paint
Safety heightDepend on the customer's site
Site sizeCustomized
Site areaFree jumping area,slide area,dodge ball area,basketball hoop,professional trampoline area,foam pit pool,and more

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