You Deserve To Have A Revolt Against A Gravity Trampoline Park

- Dec 12, 2017-

Who says "older children" can not play trampoline?

Do you still remember that when I was a kid, I often played the trampoline.

Yeah! Vacate, fall, and then bounce ... jumped up, enjoy jumping and tumbling ... instant back to childhood, vacated with the small partners, laugh together, sweat together ...


You deserve to have a revolt against a gravity trampoline park

However, the current trampoline is no longer limited to children. In addition to appearing at major international events, it is also becoming another daily fitness option.


If you also want to release all the explosive power that has never been! Also want to feel the hearty and progressive movement,

Come love trampoline sports hall

Love trampoline sports hall, located in plot Yuqiao Wuchang workers Palace of Culture. Relatively convenient location, from the subway station, bus station are very close.


Sports Hall area of 1500 square meters, here is also equipped with professional experience in the game coach, to the stadium experience to the players guide! Not only that, the sports hall has dunk, tumbling, flying, rock climbing, expansion, the devil slide, ninja Road, dodge ball, sponge pool and other popular entertainment at home and abroad.