Where To Play On The Weekend? This Week Infinite Air Trampoline Park Brings You Unlimited Dreams

- Dec 05, 2017-

What weekend to play, what to play, and now has become a lot of young people and parents, more and more distressing problem, today came to Haikou Mission Hills Park "rebound trampoline park", not only sports facilities, but also large scale .


Here it is the size of half a football pitch. There are a few projects that are really challenging and challenging. What they need is body coordination, and our bodies move with them, not only to make children happy , You can also let 80,90, to find a child's feeling. They say infinite air trampoline park to bring them unlimited dreams


The purpose of the rally is that trampoline, a popular development in China, will increase the physique of children, let them learn through trampolines, experience the joy of the sport, and let the parents and children enjoy the joy of parent-child sports through the "trampoline" rhythm. Time. Finally, I came to experience get air trampoline park equip.This is really a good sport