What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Investing In A Trampoline Park

- Dec 17, 2020-

         Before investing in trampoline projects, many trampoline investment entrepreneurs will be concerned about the information related to the entire venue, such as the operating mode and investment costs. Trampoline parks have become a hot spot for investment in the trampoline industry with precise target group services and diversified trampoline projects. So what do you need to pay attention to when investing in a trampoline park?

(1)Target consumer groups

For the current trampoline market, venues with adults and teenagers as the main target customers account for a relatively large proportion. Their consumer needs are relatively simple, just to experience a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Because the Internet celebrity projects in the past two years have caused a trend of trampoline sports on Douyin, which has driven the fashion frontier of trampoline projects, it has become a popular choice for young people's entertainment. Therefore, investing in trampoline parks must be from the perspective of adults, adding more projects that meet adult preferences, and enriching the playing methods of trampoline projects.

(2)Freeze environment decoration

Environmental decoration is the facade of a venue, and consumers can experience a greater intuitive experience when entering the venue. Obvious thematic design plus fashionable and cutting-edge projects are the key to increasing the difference of the impression of trampoline parks, which can make the venue stand out from the numerous trampoline parks. From another point of view, the more personalized the decoration style design is, the more likely it is to become a punch-in place for Internet celebrity projects. The self-media era is an important factor driving the operation of venues.

(3)Strengthen the opening activity plan

The opening of the trampoline park is based on the customer's perspective, and it is also the best way to increase visibility and increase venue traffic. The opening publicity of the trampoline park can effectively spread the venues in the cycle of time, and by increasing the interesting activities of the venues to drive customers' stickiness to the projects in the trampoline park.

(4)Holiday activities

In fact, the flow of people in trampoline parks shows a certain degree of regularity, which is generally concentrated on weekends or holidays. Therefore, the trampoline park can make good use of the opportunity to plan and organize corresponding activities to create a good trampoline atmosphere and enhance the activity of the venue.