What Are Our Main Products?

- Sep 09, 2019-


 1.Trampoline par

   Trampoline park mainly including free jumping. it is a safe, active, and healthy way to exercise both for adults and kids, and the participant gets an excellent fitness experience on it.Today, trampoline parks are not trampoline only.

   There are also many attractive games like foam cubes, airbags, slam dunk, ninja warrior,devil slide,battle beam and etc...

   People can entertain while exercising.


    2.Indoor playground

       It refers to the children's activity center,which integrates entertainment,sports and fitness functions to a combination of science. It is a new and extremely powerful children's playground. designed for children who like to crawler,climb,slide roll,sway and jump.

       Indoor playground can develop children's independent personality,sports,coordination ability.it is easy to install,simple management ,no power equipment easy maintenance.


      3.Ninja warrior course

       Ninja course get more and more popular. it provide adventrue and sports game activities.

Includes various climbing walls ,A variety of exercises for upper and lower boday strength.these games are adventurous and challenging.this will stimulate and encourage people to challenge themselves.