Wenzhou's First High-altitude Trampoline Park

- Dec 08, 2017-

Wenzhou's first high-altitude trampoline park, the trampoline park "Little Egret" is a new type of mass entertainment and sports and fitness project newly introduced by the celestial celestial planet. It includes the naughty fort area, the expansion area, the squash area, the trampoline area for children and the Olympic Games Trampoline area, bubble ball soccer area, space ball area, trampoline basketball area, sponge pool area, also has a dedicated second floor viewing area.

"Into the venue need to wear professional anti-slip socks, each district is also equipped with a coach for the novice guidance." Ji Kai, general manager of the planet said that in order to ensure the safety of trampoline, "small jump eggs" cost three or four hundred Wan specialized in the introduction of foreign professional facilities. Not only to varying degrees of elastic trampoline partition to adapt to different levels of trampoline lovers, such as novices and teens can be concentrated in the sponge area, and skilled to try competitive trampoline. After the official opening and welcoming, will also ensure that the same trampoline will not have more than one person at the same time in use.


It is understood that trampoline known as "air ballet," said in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, was listed as a formal event. The trampoline park in this form originated in the United States, the introduction of domestic two years after the very popular, one after another out in Shanghai alone. Unlike trampolines that are common on the streets, trampoline parks are more specialized for teenagers and adults and are a type of professional aerobics. At the same time, the softness and elasticity of the trampoline can also absorb the pressure exerted by the movement on the tendons of the joints of the limbs, effectively avoiding sports injuries. Not only can promote human blood circulation, metabolism, mental health training at the same time.

In addition to fitness functions, the "small jump eggs" will also provide the future mission, creative video shooting and other services, in addition to exercise to add more entertainment modules, the unique use of trampoline sports, combined with bubble soccer, dodge ball , Expand, etc., to develop more new creative trampoline gameplay.