We Are Building A Safe And Free Fall Trampoline Park

- Dec 09, 2017-

Trampoline project types

Into the trampoline venues, I found that as a trampoline indoor activities, is no longer a single trampoline jump, and it has a wealth of project equipment and complete safety measures. Zhang Menglan, marketing manager of Cool Sports Equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., introduced to the author: "We have free bouncing area, play dodgeball, ultimate slam dunk area, fancy sponge pool, ninja obstacle course etc. Free bouncing area is Bounded by world-class trampoline bounce room, we provide that there is only one person per trampoline, because if there are two people on the trampoline, two people are not the same weight, it may cause one of them injured in the trampoline can practice the basic Squatting, kneeling bombs and some chain action.Dummy dodgeball is a combination of dodgeball, net, and a mattress-paved wall, suitable for playing with many people, interesting, and sometimes adults With children come here, will have fun in this project area.We also have hero challenge area, including climbing, climbing and other projects.Our challenge zone record is 23 seconds over the entire challenge area below are sponges, So not afraid of people fall. "


I noticed that cool dance requires every lover of the trampoline into the stadium to wear anti-slip socks, and Zhang Menglan told the author: "This is for health, hygiene and safety reasons. Adults and children will play in it and will also A lot of sweat, if we all play barefoot, it is not hygienic.Flat anti-slip socks Another important reason is to prevent slipping on trampoline injuries, although the trampoline will not slippery, but it is also double insurance we have been Safety first, trampoline equipment is imported from the United States, and specifically from there to hire professionals to install I remember very clearly when installing the trampoline, it is because there is a component we can not find here After we stopped work for a month and other parts were shipped from abroad, we continued to start work. "So what we build is a safe and free fall trampoline park.