Want To Know The Feeling Of Flying Sky High Trampoline Is The Best Choice

- Dec 27, 2017-

Antony Morell and Simon McNamara used to operate chain dining and bar businesses. They once went to the United States to visit the United States trampoline entertainment park. Inspired by this, they returned to Australia to start trampoline entertainment business.

Antony Morell said: "Although catering and bar business is booming, but we want to try something new."

In order to operate the trampoline entertainment project, they pondered and prepared for 12 months, visited the circus training school, and learned from the trainers who taught the trampoline. In addition, because the trampoline indoor activities can only be carried out in a large house 8 meters high roof, in order to find such a house, they had to crush the soles, searched the city.

They eventually found an abandoned computer warehouse in the suburbs of eastern Melbourne. Finally in August last year, everything is ready, the official start of indoor trampoline business.

In the initial stage, they invested $ 2 million, but they did not disclose their plans for business expansion, the actual amount of at least 500 million US dollars.

Trampoline amusement park popular in the United States. In the Sky Zone alone, there are 27 trampoline parks and $ 16 million in revenue last year. Revenue from the trampoline entertainment industry is expected to reach $ 70 million this year.

Although they are ashamed to reveal the revenue of trampoline entertainment companies, they said the company's operating revenues so far have allowed them to recover their investment.

Bounce trampoline amusement park ticket sales sub-time, in the first hour, children $ 10, adults $ 15; the second hour, children $ 7, adults only $ 10.

Now they employ 100 staff specializing in trampoline business. In the coming months, they will also hire 10 full-time and part-time staff.

Antony Morell and Simon McNamara said: "At the moment, spending primarily young people, but we are committed to attracting people of all ages to spend.Trampoline exercise has universal appeal for people of all ages because each Everyone wants to experience the feel of flying in the air and many people should remember the good times to jump in and down in their parents' bed in childhood.

Currently about 5,000 consumers go to the trampoline each week. They placed 100 interconnected trampolines indoors, while laying 500 square meters of padding and foam on the floor. People who play trampolines can continuously enjoy the feeling of "free flight" in a wide space. The sky high trampoline is your best choice.

Trampoline exercise to bring good results, while the chance of being seriously injured than some of the fierce sports like football. However, there is a certain risk of trampoline in any case. Therefore, how to reduce the risk and provide customers with safe entertainment are the primary issues they need to solve.