Trampoline With Basketball Hoop Are Unattainable Height

- Jan 30, 2018-


trampoline with basketball hoop

Round dunk dream

The rise of basketball basket, hockey, gymnastics and other items in the United States is a fashion sport that emphasizes teamwork. With teamwork and strong body control, winning the game is the core spirit of the basketball team. "You do not need to have a tall and sturdy body, as long as you have the courage, a certain speed and body control, you can play." Basketball Coach Zhao Yi Hao introduced Road.

According to reports, the event from November 11 onwards for a week, is divided into three areas: experience recruitment, dunk training camp and dunk contest. On the 11th, 45 "trapeze" were recruited on the day to enter the dunk training camp free of charge and receive professional training. During the camp period through the selection of players will participate in the final dunk contest, winner of the contest will receive 3000 yuan award, runner-up and runner-up will also receive 2000 yuan and 1000 yuan reward.


In order to ensure the professionalism and safety of the event, the organizers set up the MSAA Basketball Basket 3-on-3 race-only venue certified by the MSCI Global Basketball Association. The stadium has 4 complete trampoline, cum SlamZone, which will give participants unimaginable height and play space, absorb the impact of the player take-off, play a protective role for athletes. At the same time, the basket height can be adjusted to meet the needs of participants of different ages.

7 luxury training camp make you changeable

In order to make "white" quickly advanced, the organizers set up special baskets and slam dunk training camp, as long as the age of 18-35 years old, healthy, through the recruitment of players can join for free, successful operators will be free Receive a gift package: including custom bracelets, cell phone sets, key chains, sports handbags, training vests and other cool equipment.


Training camp for a week, from basketball basics, baskets culture, trampoline skills and ball training, dunk special courses. At the appointed time, well-known basketball coach Zhao Yihao, Fan Yi Zhi, Zhang Hao Zhe, mouth Lu Ming and foreign celebrity player Stan Fletcher will sit training camp, contestants systematic professional training.

Dunk training camp will be divided into two groups of red and blue, each group after the training group PK tournament, each group selected the best score of 5 players will be held on November 18th basket basketball qualifying dunk contest.

Contest day, the training camp Sri Lanka basket star celebrity coaches will bring together the superb cool Showtime Freestyle dunk show, all-round display of training results. Gorgeous slam dunk action with live music and special effects, will give the audience a superb sensory feast.