Trampoline Parks Around SA Will Have You Jumping For Joy

- Oct 17, 2017-

With December school holidays around the corner, be warned of the “MOM, I’M BORED!” tantrums that are sure to come. So, if tiring out your little one - just in time to catch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy- is what you’re in need of, trampoline parks are the perfect activity. But be warned, you just might want to join in on the fun too.

Whether it’s for fitness or family fun, there’s something for everyone. Trampoline parks consist of interconnected trampolines, that stretch from wall to wall and offer a safe zone to jump to your heart’s content. Often they are decked out with awesome features like foam pits to dive into and hoops to slam dunk. Not only is it fun, but the benefits are astounding.

Kandi Sillwood, Social Media Marketing at Jump 4 Joy in KwaZulu-Natal, shared the health benefits created by jumping on trampolines:


If that doesn’t convince you, jumpers from around the country shared their first impressions of visiting a trampoline park.

For Merushka Ghazi, 20, from Durban, it’s the perfect place to unwind with friends and connect with family. “I heard a lot about trampoline parks and wanted to go and experience it for myself. At Jump 4 Joy, the atmosphere was exhilarating with lots of eager kids ready to jump.The staff were welcoming and helpful too. Music played as we jumped which made the young one's screams of joy a little lighter on one's ears.  I think it's a great place to spend time with younger family members as well as a nice change of scenery to socialize in, unwind and have fun while getting a bit of exercise in,” she said.

It’s the perfect spot for toddlers to tumble said, Kerry Rosser, 33, from Cape Town. “I chose to go to Rush after it was recommended by colleagues with children aged between three to nine years. The vibe during toddler hour is great and age appropriate,” she said. Trampoline parks often have dedicated time slots or jumping areas for kids under a certain age. “The toddler time slot allows the younger children to build their confidence on the trampolines and other activities without the bigger children being overwhelming. The variety available is great as both parents and children enjoy everything from the foam pit to the general trampoline area. We have been at least five times with my daughter and plan on returning as we have always enjoyed it,” said Rosser.


There to enjoy the action was Stavios Ngoy, 20, from Cape Town who visited Rush. “What made me go was a friend of mine who went there and told me it's an awesome place to practice parkour [the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing] and learn new tricks. I was interested based on what he showed me so we booked a day there and it was amazing, I was blown away,” he said.

Trampoline parks make entertaining over a dozen kids easy, said Zoelfaqaar van der Hoven, 43, from Cape Town. The father of two said, “My experience at Rush was awesome and the my sons loved the activity. It's a safe environment  with friendly staff assisting, making sure everybody is safe and even showing you how maximise your fun. As a dad, it was a hectic workout, and too much fun. Our second visit was with the entire extended family consisting of about 15 kids and 10 adults. We will be back to this awesome indoor activity,” he said.

Giju Varghese, 50, visited Flip.d in Johannesburg with his two daughters. “Took my two daughters and their friend the day before my eldest daughter’s 14th birthday. The three had a fantastic time, it set the mood for the birthday the next day. The crew were awesome and made the experience absolutely fabulous,” she said.

It’s the perfect activity for stressed out university students, said Kyle Ticka, 21, from Durban. “I enjoyed the hour very much, I think the different games that you can play with the different people (big, small, boy, girl) made the experience completely unique. But I know the experience would not be as great had I not gone with as many friends. If people are chilled they’ll be open to letting their inner child shine through. It's honestly one of the only places that you feel zero stress - just like a kid,” he said.