Before Running A Trampoline Park, You Need To Know The Site Plan

- Aug 04, 2020-

1. Objective conditions of the site

Objective problems are inevitable, such as columns, security doors, sewers, obstacles, pillars, etc., and clever use of these objects is one of the highlights of the design. Pay more attention to these places when measuring the site, and communicate with the designer to confirm in time, in order to prevent problems in the implementation.

2. Selection of entrance and exit of the site

The spacious entrance and exit can avoid traffic congestion, bring good experience to customers and prevent abnormal situations from happening. Also consider parents carrying a stroller or wheelchair for easy access to the park.

3. Selection of items, equipment and equipment materials

The selection of projects and equipment should start from the market trend and customer demand, covering the large age level, which is conducive to the increase of later passenger flow; The equipment material selection needs to have the relevant national certification qualifications, do not use materials containing toxic substances, such as wood containing aluminum, arsenic, etc., all the equipment must be professional testing

4. Equipment placement and color

Design should give priority to with bright and lively tonal! Children have a strong perception of color, and can form a good intuitive memory and strong emotional response to bright colors, which is children's need and desire for color to express an emotion. Therefore, the trampoline park can attract the attention of children and parents in the aspect of color, is the first step to success.