The Trampoline Park In Beijing's Daxing Has Become A Hit

- Jan 10, 2021-

There are two trampoline parks in Beijing, one in Shunyi and the other in Daxing, both of which are very popular.

Daxing Trampoline Park is very popular. As an online red trampoline park, there are many people on weekends. Trampoline park and are similar in the garage, playing a lot of projects, volleyball and indoor skiing, rock climbing, car, doll machine, but a lot of people come to trampoline, trampoline is a separate area, entrance must wear special non-slip socks, there was a lot of staff to maintain order, also teaches trampoline technology, adults can also play, also have stimulative project, can not only entertainment, can exercise.

Here, under the enthusiastic guidance of the director, the instant change as a cold master Slam Dunk master, here is suitable for the trampoline of ordinary athletes, not only can release pressure, also can lose weight quickly, 10 minutes of exercise on the trampoline, equivalent to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, I think you will be happy to lose weight when jumping.