Trampoline For Outdoor Park Fashion And Fun

- Dec 24, 2017-

In recent years, many indoor trampoline parks have been set up in the United States, Europe and Australia, making them gradually become the new landmarks for young people to play sports at weekend gatherings in Europe and the United States. However, in China, trampoline is more difficult to achieve in ordinary families because of the high professional requirements of trampoline equipment. Future Plaza indoor trampoline park open, for the majority of trampoline powder should be a big welfare. Here, both adults and children can fully relax their body and mood, through the trampoline for a variety of sports and games, "jump" a different wonderful.Trampoline for outdoor park fashion and fun.


Future Square indoor trampoline park activities divided into trampoline area, slam dunk area and sponge pit three parts. From August 12 to August 21, the top ten daily visitors to the park enjoy free trial every Monday-Friday, and it is not a matter of top-ten customers. Play tired and then participate in FUN PLUS delicious tour activities, instant energy full.


This summer, with the future indoor trampoline Square Park, you do not have to worry about summer heat summer problems. Come here, both cool and exciting, but also fun fashion, the weekend there are wonderful tricks trampoline performances and a variety of gifts to send, and quickly seize the tail at the end of summer, release all the passion.