Trampoline Combination To Make The Child Change Seconds Trapeze

- Dec 16, 2017-

Lively and lovely Xie Xi Yao's academic performance has been among the best in grade, but her sports performance is indeed a mess. "So far, Yaoyao skipping still failed." Xie Haoyao's mother Bai Haiyan said that in order to let Xie Xi Yao's sports meet the standards, swimming, badminton, dance and other sports extracurricular classes have also become an indispensable one Plan, however, the effect has been unsatisfactory. This summer, in order to give children a different experience, "Sometimes parents do not like things that are suitable for children. Exercise is the same, with so many sports options, so in the end children in the sport can Harvest what? Only her own clear this summer, we respect the child's choice, went to trampoline training together. "Bai Haiyan said. The company is located in:

Time and time again into the sky, time and again, the trampoline combination trampoline combination of children to become empty seconds trapeze, dad fast slam dunk, mother incarnation of volleyball women, this is a cool and stylish trampoline. Trampoline gives the general flying elegant enjoyment, adults and children can bungee. Despite her simpler learning and even mistakes, her little face always has a happy, brilliant smile, asking her to like trampolines, her nodding and loud responses, and she likes to bounce Is a child's nature. "Bai Haiyan said. The company is located in:

The first lesson in everyone's encouragement, Xie Xi Yao bravely embarked on the trampoline, her little hand firmly grasp the coach's hand, from the most basic movement to learn. Soon, the pace of the two will be adjusted together, I saw Xie Xiyao jumping higher and higher, the more jumping more relaxed, her happy laugh attracted the eyes of the mother, while protecting the net outside of the children is also eager. The company is located in:

"We were still very worried about our children's safety problems in the initial stages, and we dispel this concern with our own experiences and coaching tips." After the experience, Bai Haiyan said that trampoline halls are required to wear anti-slip socks to ensure that athletes Will not slip and fall. Ensure a piece of the jump when used only by a child, and when the number of close to the venue when the saturation, the indoor flow restrictions will be taken measures to maximize the user to ensure that no collision. The most important is a professional coach counseling technical essentials, to protect the safety of users. "Trampoline gym and completely different indoor playground, it is ideal for the whole family with a fitness paradise. Not only designed for children trampoline area, the expansion area, more suitable for adult trampoline basketball area, high flying area, As well as ladies favorite trampoline fat reduction classes, etc. You can entertain, you can also play more people, but also parent-child interaction, parents do not have to bother wandering in the children's playground door.

Trampoline safety measures, coach's professional guidance, dispel the hearts and minds of parents doubts, but also allow parents to see the child's courage and growth. Bai Haiyan said, "After trampoline exercise, Yaoyao body coordination improved significantly, for their own weak jump rope, the performance of a more confident, but also learned to adhere to and trust."