Trampoline Basketball Has Become A New Trend Of Trampoline

- Dec 25, 2017-

For most people, Trampoline basketball has become a new trend of trampoline! In order to fully protect the safety of sports, trampoline equipment on the professional requirements of special high, so that ordinary families to buy expensive trampoline facilities is obviously unrealistic. Fortunately, several trampoline parks in China, including Shenzhen Cool Jump Trampoline Theme Park, have opened in succession, which should be a big benefit to trampoline enthusiasts.

Leisure holidays, bring home the dynamic baby, start a unique parent-child activities, so that children enjoy the pleasure of extreme sports at the same time, enjoy the release of body energy, happy and cheers unknowingly achieve the purpose of body exercises, easy to promote Children's height growth and brain development. Of course, trampoline is not just a patent for children. In Shenzhen Cool Jump Trampoline Theme Park, many play items are of great benefit to adults and are a great way to lose weight.

In the cool jumping trampoline open area, the world-class trampoline connecting the bounce space allows participants to enjoy flying fun, the famous tilt trampoline, bouncing platforms and other surprises everything; in the country's first bomb dodge ball court, Cool jump "dodgeball + net + mattress-paved walls" play will create endless fun for you; to meet the ultimate dunk area countless fans dunk area, the air moves thrilling but graceful fancy sponge pool, Tensions stimulate Parkour ninja obstacle race ... ... are all very exciting, passionate, invited three or five friends, to a hearty trampoline challenge, would not Kuaizai! Of course, as the only trampoline place in China to spend billions of dollars to create a fluorescent party atmosphere, Cool Jump is also the first choice for team quality development and party activities.