Trampoline Activities For All Ages, Do Not Hesitate To Come To Indoor Fitness Trampoline Similar

- Dec 27, 2017-

Trampoline activities for all ages, professional venues and safe equipment, so adults and children enjoy playing. More than 1,200 square meters of indoor fitness trampoline venue, climbing area, basketball area, children's playground, master zone and so on trampoline characteristics of the region, soon active friends figure. There are two young couples who come, more immersed in their own two-person world, challenging a variety of trampoline fun.

In the course of activities, trampoline factory specifically invited five or six mentors, specifically to help you become familiar with and master trampoline skills. Trampoline with the name of "air ballet" has the unique advantage of being able to create a variety of special shapes in the air in addition to continuous bouncing and presenting a peculiar "hovering" effect.

I saw the trampoline in the huge trampoline venue such as rabbit off, as on foot, and sometimes rollover disease, and sometimes carp fight quite, and sometimes dunk, let the audience was thrilling and frightened. On the sidelines, some coy netizens could not help but feel tempted after seeing the coaching performance. With a huge trampoline "God assists", Olympic grade difficulty parkour, flop, big dunk moments become easy! "Look, the 'athletes' are leaping out of the Earth's surface, Wow! Just fun to fly!" Netizen "You're so funny" excitedly said.

In addition to learning stunts, team activities were also conducted on the trampoline project. Children chase games while adults are concentrated in another area, split into two teams trying to throw in the air. "I did not expect to grow up to feel the joy of childhood games once again through the trampoline games and games, not only physical exercise, but also increased parent-child interaction, really made me and my son feel very comfortable." User "dfy "Said.

"For a long time no such exercise, so happy." User Mr. Li said. In this bounce activity, everyone is playing a very forgetful, everyone is so happy on the trampoline to spend a pleasant time.