Shigeru Miyamoto Takes You Around Theme Parks In Universal Studios

- Dec 28, 2020-

Miyamoto gave a preview of the theme park at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka via video during Super Nintendo World Direct. Super Nintendo World will be open to visitors on February 4, 2021. It's filled with familiar elements, including the ubiquitous Mario character, a giant pipe that enters the park's interior, and princess Brigge, who makes her debut in Super Mario 64.

During the broadcast, Miyamoto also introduced smart wristbands that could be distributed to visitors. With the power-band hardware paired with your mobile App, you'll be able to have unique interactions in different areas and keep track of events throughout the park.In one scene, for example, a question mark box appears on a visitor's wristband and it makes the classic coin collection sound. In another scenario, you get a reward for hitting the rotating shell at the right time.

After exploring the ground section, you can also explore the fairly large "lower levels" area. The castle of Kubwa, for example, is actually the site of the AR version of Mario Truck, where fans can have endless fun.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the official opening of the Super Nintendo World theme park, which was scheduled to open before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, has been postponed to February 4, 2021.