The United States Will Open The Peppa Pig Theme Park

- Mar 05, 2021-

Florida, located on the east coast of the United States, can almost be said to be a must choice for family vacations in the United States. The charming beaches and interesting theme parks here are very famous, such as the treasures of Sea World, Universal Studios and Legoland theme parks. Now, plus The last theme park of Peppa Pig, this is simply too good a vacation choice for children!

According to the British "Mirror" report on March 1, the United States Sunshine Florida will soon have a brand-new Peppa Pig theme park, the new park is expected to be officially opened in 2022, the park is full of pink, so that Peppa Pig Fans of fans get involved in the scene, looking for their favorite character.

This will be the world’s first independent park dedicated to Peppa and her friends, which includes a large number of rides, interactive attractions, live performances, scene playgrounds and water play areas.