The Trampoline Outside Is Known As Aerial Ballet

- Jan 19, 2018-

The trampoline outside is known as the "aerial ballet", which was listed as a formal event at the 27th Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, and is an attractive sports event that combines entertainment and fitness.

We warm up under the guidance of the staff, step on the trampoline, and follow the instructor's demonstration to start the wonderful trampoline experience.

Jump up, the body is empty, beyond the upward, feel the freedom to fly!

In addition to the free trampoline, everybody also experience a dodge ball games, sea foam, large slide, happy limit dunk, gymnastics, mini rock climbing, figure on the wall, brave to expand, solidarity and collaboration, sweating.

The joy of laughter is refreshing.

The event not only for young employees fully relax, at the same time also strengthened the team together with the tacit understanding, you break through ego, challenge the limit, to carry forward the spirit struggle, beyond, showed the style of health and civilization, active, young people will be more full of enthusiasm in work, quality, and the efficiency for the company.