The Popular Trampoline Park In The United States Drew The Highest Trampoline Jump

- Dec 20, 2017-

Wuxi baby attention! The popular trampoline park in the United States drew the highest trampoline jump, Sky Park indoor trampoline theme park, to meet all your needs! Located in Wuxi, Hong Kong and Shenzhen World, the operating area of nearly 4,000 square meters, can accommodate more than 100 people, is currently the first large indoor trampoline theme park in Jiangsu. Can give you a flying elegant fun, adults and children can jump enjoy themselves!


Sky Park trampoline theme park is divided into six regions, free-jumping area, dunk area, dodge ball area, sponge pool area, free climbing area, tear brand name area. Trampoline trampoline is a very good exercise, it is not only very popular with children, but also for their sense of balance, sense of space and body coordination are good challenges.


The scene is a grid of trampoline, also made a very comprehensive protective measures around! The safety factor is very high!

Professional guidance, more at ease


In addition to bungee jumping on the trampoline project, the trampoline classes provided by Sky Park trampoline park and the happy gym class also provide professional guidance to better enjoy the trampoline.