The Outdoor Adult Trampoline Is Presented In An Entertaining And Popular Way

- Jan 19, 2018-

Professionals return to their hometowns to find "useful places"

Is considered a niche in the field of public fitness project of trampoline, since 2017 has become a new luminescent spot of the leisure sports, it is also a country after speed up the development of sports industry, various capital actively into the sports industry is a new project.


Located in Huanggu District le think sports film pavilion challenger trampoline "theme parks", is not a simple amusement park, but a heavy movement of trampoline theme park, there are a lot of competition and confrontation, is suitable for people between the ages of 4 to 55, belong to the largest in the three provinces in northeast China.

In the extreme laser cableway, the leap platform of faith, dodge ball, free wrestling platform, spiderman and other projects, different people participate in different forms.

Recreational or competitive confrontation, here make different people feel the charm of "jumping".


The professional competitive sport in the form of entertainment, popularity, the sports and entertainment organically, outdoor adult trampoline sport popular theme park, solves both professional trampoline athletes retired after the employment problem, and solved the difficult problem of the project the lack of professional coaches.

After graduation, shen yuhao went abroad to develop his own professional "eating" in Europe, while zhang xin stayed in shenyang and engaged in a career that had nothing to do with trampoline.

Shen yu hao told reporters: "we are in the domestic employment after graduation is difficult, so I chose to go abroad, trampoline is a popular sport in Europe, shenyang now has the leisure sports, I go back home to work of natural selection."

Ordinary people can also enjoy the charm of "leap".

Wu yue, the mother of zhang siyao, came here with her daughter.


Wily, said she had learned that trampoline movement was one of America's most popular healthy entertainment, is very popular with people and especially children, "because the trampoline movement is not affected by age, adult child can enjoy the pleasure of leaping empty."

At present, there are about 400 trampoline theme parks nationwide, said han xiaofeng, director of the challenger trampoline theme park.

In 2013, that number was just a few dozen.

Since 2014, trampoline theme parks have grown at a rate of more than 100 a year.

Trampoline theme park expansion speed, is the stimulation of market demand, "for a parent, especially cold summer holidays, the most headache thing is where to take children out to play, now the idea of parents have changed, sports participation to promote child body and mind development become the choice of many people."


Xiao-feng han said, with shen yu hao and Zhang Xin the trampoline professionals to join, can not only provide for children and parents watch wonderful stage of trampoline tricks, moreover, they also can carry on some simple for everybody trampoline technical guidance, make more people feel shenyang to vacate leap infinite charm.

Zhang Xin in live performance "before the two revolving body 540 degrees", "straight after two weeks" and other professional action, but for security reasons, they teach children only some simple trampoline movement, many children participate in just learned to sit, kneel down to play at the scene.