The Origin Of Trampoline Fitness Exercise

- Jan 11, 2018-

About the origins of modern trampoline fitness, generally considered to have originated in the Middle Ages in France, acrobat Terry Polane used hemp safety nets to protect the safety of acrobats, and the use of safety nets bombarded actors in the air, becoming the prototype of trampoline .

In the 1930s, the American diving champion Nixon saw the acrobatic show in France unintentionally, returned home to make a small net in his own backyard to help himself practice his diving and rolling moves. Since then, Nissene has identified some of the business opportunities and founded the company to start producing and selling trampolines.

Trampoline is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States, quickly swept through major school physical education classes and play centers, and has since evolved into a sport. The first trampoline competition took place in the United States in 1947, after which the trampoline movement returned to Europe and the first European trampoline championships were held in Paris in 1969. 2000 Sydney Olympics, trampoline became a formal event, divided into men and women online project, decided to win two Olympic gold medals.