London Will Welcome Disneyland In 2024

- Feb 21, 2021-

The United Kingdom announced that it will cost 3.5 billion pounds, or about 32.3 billion yuan. The news of the new Disney theme park has attracted much attention. Not long ago, the London resort in the United Kingdom first exhibited a theme park covering an area of 535 acres (equivalent to the area of 136 Wembley Stadium), and the scene was extremely exciting. The resort is called the Disneyland of the United Kingdom. In cooperation with the BBC, Independent Television and Paramount Pictures, the resort will provide visitors with six different entertainment venues-commercial streets, studios, woods, islands, jungles And Starport. In the commercial street, there are many brands, which are prosperous and full of fun. The most striking thing is that British Disney uses the water park as the gate to the park.

The only regret is that the British Disney Park will not open until 2024. Happily, this plan will eventually become a resort with two parks. The first one will open in 2024 and the second one is expected to open within five years. It will be located on the Swanscombe Peninsula, and the theme park strives to achieve the goal of zero emissions, and cooperates with EDF to become the most sustainable theme park in the world.