The Largest Trampoline Manufacturer Is Expected To Open 30 Stores

- Dec 26, 2017-

Aim at the market first opportunity to open the first domestic trampoline theme park

"We are the earliest domestic brand of trampoline theme park opened, and now there are only four stores opened." At the Dorada Trampoline Theme Park in Hangzhou, we talked about the brand development of the Dorada Trampoline Theme Park. Lin Miao told the winner network.

In addition to serving as chairman of the Tora Paradise Trampoline Theme Park, Lin Miao has another identity - trampoline manufacturers. This is a trampoline equipment company whose customers are mainly in overseas markets such as Canada, the United States, Australia and Southeast Asia and have a high market share. "In Australia, for example, 90% of trampoline equipment in the market Is what we produce. "


Focus on children's physical fitness to develop Dokdo Island usher in new developments

The good news of the liberalization of the second child policy and the support of national policies have also further boosted the rapid development of the children's economy in the Mainland. However, the competition for children's themed parks is particularly fierce.

"Trampoline may be mentioned, consumers first impression of it is just the children bounce around, but we have done a lot of content on this basis, so that every one of the Dora Island Trampoline Theme Park has its own characteristics," Lin Miao Say. Win merchants noted that in Hangzhou this new store which, 6500 square meters of stores, in addition to a variety of different sizes of trampolines, there are aerial development, rock climbing, big slides, marine ball, dunk and other areas, the scene There are teachers in accordance with different age group trampoline trainee teaching. The company is located in:

Slow-paced expansion to 30 in the next three years


Tora Paradise Trampoline Theme Park, which successfully opened its first store in Shanghai, did not open its second store in Intime City, on the Atlantic Ocean in Wenzhou until two years later.

"We spent two years exploring and learning to find a more suitable operation and management mode, and then continue to shop," he said frankly, after the first out, the island also encountered some of their own difficulties .

In these 3 years, many trampoline brands have also emerged on the market, but the island has not been affected, still in accordance with the pace of their own shop, because Lin Miao, staking-style shop is not his pace Want, "We would rather slow down, according to their own pace to do every store, do not deliberately pursue the number of shops."

Currently has opened four stores Dora Island Trampoline Theme Park, is also actively explore the market, Beijing, Shenzhen, Harbin and other cities have been negotiating new projects. On the site, Lin Miao told Winners Net, will insist on shopping centers and independent property simultaneously shop, "we plan to open 30 stores by 2020".