The Jumping Trampoline For Sale Is A Kid Who Has To Play In The Park

- Jan 27, 2018-

In many young people's hearts, trampoline has been our childhood memories, is a must go to the park as a child to play. Do you know that trampoline can also be used as an adult working man's solution! On Sunday, World Trampoline Champion Gao Lei came to the Happy Trampoline Hall in Banan District to share the benefits of trampoline and invite everyone to play together.

Adult trampoline fitness to lose weight

Gao Lei told the Chongqing Evening News reporter, trampoline is not only suitable for children to play, but also very suitable for 18 to 40-year-old adult exercise, especially for computer users and office workers, women without technology, jump half an hour on a trampoline Can achieve weight loss.

"The jumping trampoline for sale is the main exercise cardio-pulmonary function, you can exercise brain balance." Gao Lei said that now the urban population at the computer time more and more, and the trampoline is a generalized movement, you can mobilize the muscles, is ideal for work Family exercise at leisure.

In many people's eyes, trampoline exercise is relatively simple, can only be repeated on the trampoline jumping action, Gao Lei, but do not think so. "If the trampoline as entertainment, but also can be combined with a number of sports, such as trampoline can be combined basketball to achieve trampoline bouncing dunk." Gao Lei also take his height joking, "as tall as I am not too tall boys, You can experience the feeling of dunk in this way.

Chongqing now has three trampoline

It is understood that trampoline is very popular in foreign countries, the rise in China only 20 years or so, play less than badminton, tennis and other mainstream sports, but at present, trampoline facilities continue to popularize nationwide,

"In the past most of the domestic trampoline facilities are professional venues, venues for everyone to entertain less, once we leave the training hall athletes, simply can not find the venue to play trampoline." Gao Lei said that basically all major cities have trampoline venues Now there are three in Chongqing, the number is still growing.

The trampoline came to Chongqing to promote this campaign, Gao Lei frankly, but also want to put their happiness in the trampoline to share: "In the last Rio Olympic Games, I won the bronze medal, I hope the next Olympic Games can achieve better The ranking. "