The Interactive Elements In The Indoor Playground

- Nov 12, 2019-

  1.  Novel themes:

    After finding the location, At first,we need to identify the consumer group. What's the user age?

    According to different ages, preferences. Determine the design style of the park,such as Space ,Jungle,dinosaur,ocean and candy theme .....


                                               Space theme with size:26x20x6m.

2.Experience zone:

  We can plan a role-playing area, and supply some customized professional outfits for kids to experience. Here he can be a doctor, a scientist, an actor, a firefighter and so on.


3.Interactive projector.

Ocean ball and slide, we can combine the projection, let it reflect on the wall or slide, so that children can play games on it. That makes it even more interesting.


4.Recreation: Slow down the play process and make it a consumption process that is slow and enjoyable. We can set up food stations outside the amusement park in the park, cafes, parent rest areas, party rooms and etc.