The Hong Kong Ocean World Park

- Nov 26, 2020-

Hong Kong Sea World is a colorful dream country, is the children release the natural paradise, is the children to find another world of fun. Ocean Park Hong Kong is the most popular theme park in the world, with the largest Marine aquarium and theme park in Southeast Asia. The park is divided into the seaside park at the foot of the mountain and the highest park at the foot of the mountain, which are connected by two transportation facilities: the cable car and the ocean train. Ocean Park is famous for its cable cars, which take you step by step across the mountains and the sea. At night, you can take a cable car to see the brilliant night view of Hong Kong.

Compared with other parks, the peak park will have a different and exciting feeling. In addition to some amusement projects, there are many places worth visiting on the peak, including streets with Chinese characteristics and ancient buildings. One of the most visually striking events, the 10-meter hammer keeps shaking, and the position of the visitors gradually increases until the hammer reaches its highest point. All the visitors are now floating in the air for more than 20 meters, weightless, upside down, in the air, and the incomparable excitement makes it impossible to scream. The dynamic Express is one of the most popular items, and its high speed is its characteristic. The zigzagging track is constantly around the handstand and keeps fast weightlessness, from the beginning of the project to the arrival of the express in no more than 3 minutes.

There is an ice restaurant located next to the Ice skating rink of The Mountaintop Park. The internal structure of the restaurant is like an ice cave. While eating in the restaurant, you can see the penguins through the glass, and enjoy the unique fun of watching the penguins swimming happily while eating the exquisite restaurant cuisine. There are a variety of recreational facilities in the park, which seem to be more relaxing than the dynamic express.