The First JU Ju And Indoor Sports Trampoline Leading Brand JUMP360 Held In Beijing Signing Instrument

- Jan 30, 2018-


Driven by economic restructuring and consumer upgrades, scene consumption has gradually become the hub of business development. Improve the sense of interactive experience, enhance social core has become a key element in the business logic. As we all know, sport has its own natural social attributes. With its own public participation and social effects, sports have gradually become the new engine for extending the consumer demand chain and enhancing experiential consumption. The first big huge innovative ideas and development opportunities, hand in JUMP360 introduction of entertainment, fitness, watch as one of the limit sport trampoline, through the coordinated formation of resources to form a linkage, to achieve a breakthrough in project format upgrade. Initially around the world, Ole will enhance the diversion and enhance the cohesion with the features of entertainment and interaction of JUMP360, and at the same time, relying on its multi-functional display space to improve the efficiency of ping-pong, making sports + business the most effective and direct value-added realization and extension of benefits for both parties The port.

Ms. Lu Yi, Vice President of JACMA, delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. She said that with the in-depth development of the nationwide fitness program, the first large-scale general will take the trampoline project as an opportunity to deeply integrate with the large health industry that has entered a period of accelerated development and continuously explore the potential of the sports industry. From the family parent-child interaction, enterprise group development, to the extreme sports of adolescents, and effectively meet the needs of different consumer groups for a healthy lifestyle upgrade. At the same time, the Group will also create a one-stop sports environment for consumption by combining the sports industry's synergy with the rich sports brand that pioneered the Ole Project. It will also explore new growth points for multi-directional diversion and diversified profitability.

As the only commercial real estate platform under Capital Outlet's integrated operation, Capital Land is the first to set a solid foundation and implement the new development concept and continuously extend the cooperation of "AOL + Sports" to cultivate innovative momentum . Transforming strategic planning into hard work, transforming the vision of development into a solid performance. Linking commercial resources with a global perspective, we will continue to enhance our differentiated core competitiveness, continuously consolidate our leading position in the industry and gradually move forward with the strategic goal of becoming "China's most valuable outlet integrated operator."