The Fiery Giant Trampoline Was Strong

- Jan 09, 2018-

Trampoline theme park is popular for reasons, first of all, trampoline project is beneficial to the healthy development of children.

"Research shows that trampolines can provide a safe and healthy exercise environment for a consumer group before the age of 12.

Trampoline is a balance sport, apart from some unilateral power projects such as badminton, tennis, etc., before the age of 12 children spine not grown up under the condition of unilateral power project is easy to cause scoliosis."

Secondly, in the promotion of public trampoline, safety is put in the first place to strengthen.

"First of all of our equipment from the equipment manufacturers of steel frame structure, and surface, soft package cushion have special standards and requirements, then we have coaches and safety personnel professional training, their consumption behavior against unsafe to stop in time, there are also aimed at breaking the injured emergency handling mechanism, etc.

According to the area and project of the venue, 10 to 15 safety officers will be installed in a 1,000-square-meter pavilion, and their stations must ensure that the entire venue has no visual Angle.

There are some safety risks in sports programs, so we require children under 5 to be accompanied by parents, and children over 5 years old can participate alone.

For example, the annual turnover of a gaint trampoline theme park of 1000 square meters is between 300 and 4 million.

The average ticket consumption in first-tier cities is 80 yuan per hour, and the second-tier cities are about 50 yuan per hour.

"Trampoline theme park has the power to attract traffic, so it is very important for us to do good customer retention.

Trampoline theme park venue operators should be professional, can provide professional services, guidance and explanation.

Tickets to earn money alone, user experience degrees will decline, so venues and a trampoline fancy performance regularly interact with the audience, also can increase the children's training program, increase the space usage."

According to zhang, if the venue is big enough, trampoline theme park is the best place for the whole family to spend their daily exercise.

"The venue can be divided into three areas, one for all ages, one for children and one for adult trampoline.

The three areas cover play, education, and fitness multi-function.

Trampoline theme park are expanding fast, of course, is the stimulation of market demand, the cause of "for a parent, every weekend is the most headache thing where take children to play, now the idea of parents have changed, the weekend to practice a sport to promote child body and mind development become the choice of a lot of people, not just some of the academic.

Sports have a lot of positive energy, and many trampoline theme parks are packed on weekends and often have to queue for half an hour to play.

The Zhang Li jia company is currently the only a professional trampoline theme park operation management company, with the enlargement of the market, there must be more to join the competition, team and company welcome Zhang Li jia, but hope industry development in a benign orbit, rather than making safety accidents.

"Safety is the first priority, and if there is a lot of safety accidents, it can lead parents to misunderstand trampoline, which is dangerous, and certainly not willing to involve children.

To this end, we need to strengthen the management of the industry, introduce some safety standards and strengthen supervision.