The Elements For Trampoline Park

- Aug 12, 2020-

When we plan to open a trampoline park ,the first to know what are the  include: free jump zone, foam pit, dodge ball, velcro wall, pro- trampoline, wipeout,slam dunk, inflatable bounce, rock climbing, ninja warrior course ,and etc.

  1. Free Jump area:

    There are multiple trampolines in the jumping area, which can challenge all kinds of free jumping actions.


2.Slam dunk:It allows you to do things you wouldn't normally do on the basketball court,  you're an NBA star here.


3.Foam pit:In this area, you can experience the dry pool diving, which is very exciting at first sight. After running up a distance on the long run, when you are close to the foam pit, you can do a 360-degree spin flip and then drill into the foam pit.


4.Ninja warrior course:Players have to be as agile as ninjas to break through numerous levels to reach the end, a variety of challenging routes is a comprehensive test of strategy, physical fitness, coordination, speed. A set of equipment can be selected from more than 30 kinds of levels according to the venue and needs, suitable for sports indoor park as the main project.

5.Velcro wall:

It is a kind of entertainment that can be stuck on the wall. The experiencer is on the trampoline

Take off, jump, stick to the  soft magic wall and then slowly fall down, as a spiderman, it is very exciting and fun. It can exercise and increase children's confidence


6.Battle beam:Both sides on the balance beam, each holding a big stick in the hand, push and hit each other, see who in the balance beam adhere to the last; To be the final winner.