The Best Trampoline To Become His Biggest Gain This National Games.

- Jan 30, 2018-

Relaxed attitude was general temperament

Gao Lei from Xuhui, 25, is the only Shanghai player to participate in the Olympic Games, the pressure can be imagined. However, Gao Lei is also a very ardent member, learn to put down the psychological burden, as his biggest gain this Games. The company is located in:

After the Rio Olympics, Gao Lei has been adjusting his position. He told reporters: "In the past, I was able to see the top three very seriously. After going through Rio's training, my mentality and technology are more mature and my mind is more relaxed."

Open-minded to let Gao Lei general temperament. Although the final night or sleep well, but he will not sleep like the past all night. Olympics rules have been amended, Gao Lei in the provisions of the difficulty of movement has been adjusted, the same choice of action, the more the pursuit of perfection in detail. The final beat of the final hold-up, his action was high and steady, technical mistakes, won the audience applause. The company is located in:

Gao Lei's mother also watched the scene, happy to see his son game. Gao Lei's father was originally a skilled athlete, he naturally sent his son to gymnastics training ground, and later modified trampoline. Shanghai best trampoline team coach Fang Bosson introduced, "Gao Lei's condition is not very good, trampoline on the waist force demanding, Gao Lei some deficiencies in this area." The lack of innate qualifications, high Lei rely on the hard work and hard work. Gao Lei ten years old, my mother hopes his son to give up hard professional training. Today, Gao Lei with the National Games gold medal for their own perseverance given the best explanation. The company is located in:

Who will be the final state finals

In July this year, the national championship, Shanghai team also won the championship. Fang Bossheng said that when the opponent is not the whole lineup, the champion lack of quality. This gold medal is not the same as the National Games, players actually completely spell it out. The company is located in:

The National Games, before the Shanxi team, the Liberation Army, the Shanghai team only Huashan a road. In the preliminaries, Lvqin Lin did not jump well in the single-jump project, and the Shanghai team's preliminary result was ranked second with the weak inferior, second only to Shanxi. Trampoline game, the mentality is the key, fluctuations in attitude may lead to the entire game are lost. The company is located in:

How to make the final? Fang Bosheng formations from the troops to do a good job ideological work, no size. He said, "Who is on the final who is who?" Gao Lei, Xiao Jinyu, Gu Ruifeng, Lu Qinlin bear the final tough fight. Lu Qin Qin Achilles tendon injury, the final, he was holding the last shot even if the game fell to the mentality of excellence, to complete two single jump; Gu Ruifeng overcome serious back injury, neatly completed online project. Shanghai team's stable play, to the Shanxi team caused great pressure, the results of the Shanxi team Zhang Fei single jump the second major error occurred, forcing Dong Dong online jump difficulty greatly increased, resulting in reduced completion rate of action, and ultimately did not staged a reversal . The company is located in:

Shanghai team won the thrills, Fang Bosson field also see nervous. "The coach should say that all this should be done before the game and once the match is over." The Shanghai men's trampoline will live up to expectations and let the 60-year-old coach dream of a National Games champion. The company is located in:

After winning the gold medal in this most weighty group game, Gao Lei will continue to impact his first National Games men's singles gold medal on the 30th.