The Apex Trampoline Park Gives You Endless Possibilities

- Dec 13, 2017-

The apex trampoline park gives you endless possibilities.

What is a trampoline course?

The course leverages a trampoline gadget to create a new class on a flexible bed with a variety of different levels of aerobics practice combined with the most popular music of the day.


Trampoline class training benefits

Crazy trampoline course

Interesting, interactive, more effective training.

To reduce the common members in the knee and ankle injuries; prolong exercise life.

Enhance limb coordination; strengthen the body's core stability.

Promote blood circulation and lymphatic system, and reduce fat accumulation.

Crazy burning calories; a course equivalent to two hours of jogging, a half hour spinning class.

Help lymphatic drainage; speed up the body's metabolism.

Improve sports fun and efficient fat, a course, including high and low impact aerobic training; cardiopulmonary function; body core exercise; balance exercise.


Why is the limit trampoline?

Because it is simple and crude, the most important thing is the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic breathing, is a very effective fat loss course. Diameter: 1.2 meters

Use area diameter: 1 meter

Use recommendations: The maximum static weight of 110 kg. The level of bouncing in the course also affects the weight of the elastic surface. Therefore, it is recommended that the bouncing height should not exceed 10 centimeters. Otherwise, the user may be injured or the equipment may be damaged.