The Air Zone Trampoline Became A Bright Spot This Year

- Jan 19, 2018-

Reporters on the scene saw the super powers, head of the sports company in Shanghai, trampoline project retired athletes Zhang Li jia, the retired CEO professional athletes, for this result is not surprising, because the beast sports as the only a trampoline theme park, professional operation and management company, founded in 2016, at the beginning of the received from shaanxi west chicken angel investment of 5 million yuan.

This is also the first professional professional athletes in China to get professional institutions to invest in the company.

"At that time, we were a few professional athletes who retired and started their business, and we started a company that specializes in the operation and management of trampoline theme parks.

We have nothing, only a few people, exercise trampoline project more than 15 years of professional team, the President of the west phoenix investment Huang Wei is took a fancy to the professionalism of our team, as well as the sports industry will usher in its developing golden decade."


Today, after more than a year of practice and development of their operation and management of  air zone trampoline theme parks across the country, has for more than ten national trampoline theme park operation management, has received thousands of passenger flow, the theme park for individual trampoline training professional coach more than 50 people.

This result, the next year or two will rapidly expand, because trampoline theme park project, in China is still a burgeoning, and the sport has developed for decades in the United States and Europe, and even many children compulsory course in school.

As of now, there are about 400 trampoline theme parks nationwide, according to zhang.

In 2013, that number was just a few dozen.


Since 2014, trampoline theme parks have been growing at a rate of more than 100 a year.

Trampoline theme park are expanding fast, of course, is the stimulation of market demand, the cause of "for a parent, every weekend is the most headache thing where take children to play, now the idea of parents have changed, the weekend to practice a sport to promote child body and mind development become the choice of a lot of people, not just some of the academic.

Sports have a lot of positive energy, and many trampoline theme parks are packed on weekends, often waiting in line for half an hour to play.


Of course, another reason why trampolines are so popular is that, in addition to being fun, trampoline theme parks are also profitable.

For example, the annual turnover of a trampoline theme park of 1000 square meters is between 300 and 4 million.

The average ticket consumption in first-tier cities is 80 yuan per hour, and the second-tier cities are about 50 yuan per hour.

The trampoline theme park in Beijing, Shanghai and other places is between 2000 and 5000 square meters, which can reach more than 6 million yuan per year.

But as the market expanded rapidly, security became an important issue.


Because trampoline is a high-risk sport, it must be guided by professional coaches and safety officers.

"First of all of our equipment from the equipment manufacturers of steel frame structure, and surface, soft package cushion have special standards and requirements, then we have coaches and safety personnel professional training, their consumption behavior against unsafe to stop in time, there are also aimed at breaking the injured emergency handling mechanism, etc.

According to the area and project of the venue, there will be 7 to 10 safety officers in a 1,000-square-meter pavilion, and their stations should ensure that the entire venue has no visual Angle.

The professional competitive sport in the form of entertainment, popularity, the sports and entertainment organically, which is now like a trampoline theme park this kind of sport is popular to reason.

And like an ultra sports professional sports venues operating management, solves both professional trampoline athletes retired after the employment problem, and solved the now in the market of sports venues lack of professional coaches pain points of the management and protection, Zhang Li jia thinks it is very meaningful.

We also believe that "professional sports entertainment, mass sports professional operation", this way, is the best development direction of the sports industry in the tuyere.