Take You Into The Brand New Trampoline Experience New Sport

- Jan 08, 2018-

In many people's eyes, trampoline exercise is relatively simple, can only be repeated on the trampoline jumping action, Gao Lei, but do not think so. "If the trampoline as entertainment, but also can be combined with a number of sports,Let you know different brand new trampoline, such as trampoline can be combined basketball, trampoline bouncing dunk." Gao Lei also take their height joking, "as tall as me, not too tall boys, You can experience the feeling of dunk in this way.


Gao Lei introduction, trampoline is not only suitable for children to play, but also very suitable for adults aged 18 to 40 exercise, especially for computer users and office workers, women without technology, even in the trampoline jump half an hour, you can achieve weight loss .

"Trampoline is the main exercise cardio-pulmonary function, you can exercise brain balance." Gao Lei said that now the urban population at the computer time more and more, and the trampoline is a generalized movement, you can mobilize the muscles, is ideal for work Family exercise at leisure.

360-degree flipflops, like a bunny jump, run dunk ... ... a series of difficult movements can be easily achieved. Gao Lei performed a number of professional trampoline stunts on the spot after performing professional activities like "540 degrees of flexion in two weeks and straight after two weeks".


Gao Lei former national team mate, the current joy trampoline hall coach Fu Hao said that compared with the unusual parent-child sports, joy trampoline Museum can provide more activities, the crowd is also wider, the number of children and Middle-aged can also enter the play. There are also many parent-child games set up in the venue, so that adults and children can enhance their feelings during play and promote a more harmonious family relationship. In addition, Happy Trampoline Hall will also launch a special trampoline course. Let everyone play in the fitness, the healthier jump.