Swept The United States The Best Children's Trampoline Is About To Open

- Dec 27, 2017-

Express reporter learned at the scene,Swept the United States the best children's trampoline is about to open, China's first rebound trampoline park in Guangzhou this month, a small Q children's City. It is reported that the trampoline park rebounds a total area of 1,200 square meters, with trampoline adult area, children's area, play against the area, dunk area, but also with a naughty Fort area, dressing area, vending area, member area. It is understood that "bounce" is a new form of indoor trampoline rides that allow adults and children to fully relax while exercising and playing on the trampoline. By simply bouncing the body for coordination, it is conducive to the development and reduction of bodily functions Obesity, but also to promote the child's height growth and brain development.

In addition, Q Hotel Qiaodongcheng Olympic outdoor colorful playground is also prepared for the summer, the pirate ship, kangaroo jump, turn cups and other outdoor rides equipped with shade facilities for children to have fun. Small Q Olympic Sports Complex Aquatica Park has also recently opened the park, will soon launch a number of summer activities.