Super Trampoline To Open The New World Of Autistic Children

- Dec 16, 2017-

  Super trampoline to open the new world of autistic children.How to use trampoline to develop autistic children's hand-eye coordination ability?

1, by the sparring and autistic children sitting on the trampoline, the use of trampoline flexibility, with the body as a support for shaking up and down.

2, for those who do not dare to go to autistic children, to reduce his fear, started by the parents or teachers carrying children jumping above the trampoline.

3, so that children with autism prone on the trampoline, jumped standing by the sparring, the child bounce, let the children experience the feeling of ups and downs trampoline.

4, so that children with autism prone on the trampoline, head and neck forced lift, raise the chest as far as possible, can enhance the feeling of vestibular system and promote the formation of a sense of general muscle.


5, so that children with autism free jump on the trampoline, or both hands holding the ball jumping on the trampoline, or with the tutor to do the ball throwing game.

6, let autistic children jump on the trampoline, while the ball into the designated basket.

7. Hang a balloon over the trampoline to hit the target every time an autistic child jumps. It is also possible to hang a basket on the trampoline to allow the kid to jump into the net when he or she jumps. This game can help children in mid-air, with the correct sense of the vestibule, and the visual space, which can greatly help the eye coordination and body image.

8, so that two autistic children face to face stand hand in hand on the trampoline jumping together, or jointly pull a small hula hoops to jump together, so as to train the ability to coordinate movement with each other, through the beating in the eye on the visual enhancement of visual stability.

Many children's playgrounds have flexible trampolines and the same applies to a small trampoline or a Simmons mattress for a family health. Its role in the performance of its jumping exercises to help the vestibular sensory integration, develop a sense of balance, but also can train children with autism hand-eye coordination, children's self-motivation and sports planning to help mature. Jump trampoline also helps to stabilize the child's emotions.