Super Trampoline Against Gravity Vertical Walking On The Wall, This Feeling Unparalleled

- Jan 18, 2018-

Wall trampoline trampoline is not a variant?


Trampoline action rules are very strict, wall trampoline how to do how to do "

Before Julien Robberg of the Quebec Circus School pioneered the "wall trampoline" as a sport, I am afraid all those who have seen it will classify it as acrobatics. Trampoline is already the official project of the Olympic Games, pole dancing must impact the Olympic Games, from this trend, the wall trampoline from the foot circus and the arena of these two ships is not impossible.

Surely some people may ask, is not a trampoline wall trampoline project a variant? "Playing trampoline is like joining a soldier as a soldier, everything is regulated very strictly and everything is done step by step." Remnant Cole, a wall trampoline player, said the wall trampoline has more freedom to play and wants That's why I love this movement. "


Roberbach also explained the difference between the two super trampoline although it is derived from acrobatic projects, but into the Olympic Games system to become a formal sport, has been assimilation of gymnastics, all the action details are split into can score Judges fragments, athletes basically all the existing action fragments combined, and then wait for the completion of the quality score. The wall trampoline is more like a combination of parkour and trampoline, more than a wall when the props, athletes have unlimited imagination to complete the action possible.


So in transforming the wall trampoline into a sport, the trainees at Roberbach and Québec circus aims at extreme sports rather than at the Olympics. "The ultimate goal is to move the wall trampoline into the extreme games," Roberger said. The team is creating and refining the ways and rules of the wall trampoline, of course, and ultimately, the same technical action scoring standards as gymnastics, but more about creativity. "We designed a game where players jumped off and completed 10 bouncing, wall-touching and falling actions in succession, based on their creative motion score."

Crossing the emerging movement with what global?


"Resistance to gravity vertical walking on the wall, this feeling unparalleled"

When Roberts, 18, watched the famous Cirque du Soleil circus five years ago, for the first time, he saw the form of a wall trampoline. Now he himself follows Cirque du Soleil's global touring trampoline, performing about 250 games a year. In the meantime, Roberge has long been training with the Canadian national trampoline team, he himself is playing cross-country between acrobatics and sports, and he soon made cross-border wall trampoline come true.


As long as the wall trampoline complete set of rules and scoring system is introduced, Roberg and others will launch the first wall trampoline challenge, but let the wall trampoline and U-shaped pool skateboarding match. "This is done in the interest of the popularity of skateboarding to attract more people to join the wall trampoline." To say movement characteristics, wall trampoline and skateboarding can be counted as pure extreme sports, but after all, the former is from the acrobatic circle Cross-border, not fully into the sports circle. Wall trampoline as a sport, of course, the first thing to do is by popular mixed face.


Also five years ago, Québec Circus School noticed the unique performance of the wall trampoline, started ad hoc training programs and sent two full-time coaches, and Roberge was the veteran player to join at that time. Currently in Canada, the wall trampoline already has a mass basis, but in the United States only two or three acrobatic schools in Florida and Las Vegas are being trained as circus shows. However, Robberg believes that the popularity of wall trampoline is not a problem.