Osaka Enters A State Of Emergency, The Opening Of Universal Studios Japan Super Nintendo Is Postponed Again

- Jan 20, 2021-

According to media reports, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) announced that Super Nintendo World will not open to the public next month as originally planned. The Nintendo theme park in Universal Studios Osaka was originally scheduled to open on February 4th, but now because Osaka was in a state of emergency yesterday at least until February 7th, this plan will not be realized. USJ said that once the state of emergency is lifted, it will announce a new opening date.

Japan’s state of emergency was initially issued for Tokyo and its surrounding areas, but recently the order was expanded to a total of 11 areas including Osaka. Super Nintendo Land is an important project for Nintendo, and it represents Nintendo's ambitious attempt to expand its IP to a new commercial version. The park was originally planned to open during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but the latter’s holding was problematic due to COVID-19, and naturally, the former was also affected.