AR Mario Kart Arrives At The Super Nintendo World Theme Park

- Dec 02, 2020-

In February, Super Nintendo World was officially launched at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, as a highly anticipated Nintendo-themed game theme park. The $578 million attraction, though small in scale, offers unique interactive experiences through the Nintendo Switch, including a collection of virtual COINS scattered throughout the area.

Nintendo recently unveiled the park's first flagship project, Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge. This is an AR interactive roller coaster based on Nintendo's legendary card racing game. This on-track IRL experience allows the cars to compete with each other in high-speed racing through a combination of AR and projection mapping technology.

Once seated, visitors are donned a pair of cute augmented reality (AR) helmets, similar to Mario's instantly recognizable red hat. This allows passengers to collect a variety of charging cases while watching a variety of colorful 3D visuals with custom wristbands. Just like in the original game, in real life, passengers can throw these special items at the racing vehicle to prevent them from competing side by side. According to Universal Studios Japan, no two RACES in Mario Kart: The Cooper Challenge are alike, and each offers a unique experience for visitors.

Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, on February 4, 2021. Unfortunately, this date may change with the increase in coVID-19 cases in Osaka. Until then, park operators will keep the venue capacity at 50 percent and work directly with health officials to establish appropriate safety procedures.