Spring Trampoline Grid Champion Dream, But Also A Net Of Childhood

- Jan 16, 2018-

"Spring trampoline Grid champion dream, but also a net of childhood"

"Woo woo ... ..." Liang Ya Qi cried, just jumping on the trampoline dozens of rounds she cried in the partner Yuan Weili's whisper. The reason is very simple, Liang Yaqi online bouncing action is not standardized, always like to look up, coach let Yuan Weili monitor, the number of rise, "13." Yuan Weili did not finish, she cried even worse . This is a rare three-year trampoline training career.

After crying, Liang Yaqi quickly wipe tears to continue training, because she was afraid coach see through his weakness. In the eyes of a 9-year-old child, tears are not her way of pampering her sympathy. As the coach said, in his philosophy of educating children, he did not shed tears on his eyes, just like the four characters at the top of the walls in the trampoline training room. Children on these trampolines are also slowly accustomed to the words "champion", "gold medal", "honor".

The weather after the heavy rain, Zhuzhou City, a spacious and trampoline gymnasium gymnasium, filled with the smell of dust mixed sweat. Several moss-covered walls clinging to the sash windows, shining brightly outside world, the mirrors in the back wall of the house mirror the children who are struggling and gracefully challenging the trampoline height. Here is their usual "children's paradise", but also their "aspirational" unlimited.

Trampoline on the 9-year-old Qiu Dong is struggling to bounce, he sometimes turn in the air tumble, sometimes gracefully turned around, sometimes like a diving into the water, but sometimes like a "one" word, open the water, he used the most beautiful Postures for the 29th of this month held in Hengyang, "Hunan Province Youth Trampoline Championships" to prepare. Chou Dong said his goal is to go beyond the last year in his entry to take the first player.

Wen Rui, who is also his partner, is one year older than Qiu Dong. This time, his goal is different from that of him. He said he wants to win the championship. Coach also set a goal for him. "If you win the championship, I must take a Runner. "Wen Rui shirtless, he patted stomach," envy? Abdominal muscle, but we have almost all players, girls also. "Having said that, he walked away, the coach is not, he and hatred Winter is consciously in the mirror practice their own bouncing action.

"I want to go home." Because the posture is not right elbow muscle strain Li Yajie gently said, repress the tears she still shed tears of grievances, the coach aside to give her medicine, she was still quite frankly said she actually Do not want to train. Like her, many of the children who attend training here are just as fun as they are on the trampoline. "Everyone would cry at the very beginning, and after I got home, my father would not let me come, but my father said we should stick to it and not to give up." Wenrui said like a little man.

Trampoline on the big net live with socks wrapped feet, they are in these weaving grid, began the "air ballet" dance practice, elegant with the fight, the perfect rollover, light abdominal bomb ... ... At this time, Liang Yaqi began to practice their own bouncing action, this time she did not want to be partners to remember their own shortcomings. Next to the children did not participate in the game are sponge piles and colorful balloon to do abdominal training.

Out of the window, the residents who were watching the child training on the railings smiled and applauded. Children on the trampoline bounced to the highest point and stared at a few trophies not far away. "I'm going to win," said Liang Yaqi again. But their childhood?