Spring Free Trampoline Popular All Over The World.

- Feb 01, 2018-

The holiday of the National Day






What's the trampoline game in your memory?

A group of people were crowding in a simple fence

Vacate, drop, and bounce

Vacate, fall, and bounce again?


spring free trampoline 

Popular all over the world.

Super trampoline

From October 1st

Strong landing in Jiujiang!

Spin, jump, take off, and fall to the ground

Let you feel the magic of getting rid of the gravity of the earth

God! It's so simple!

A fleshy body more?

Where does the headache take the child to play?

The big and small friends can enjoy it

The excitement and challenge of super trampoline

Collocation with trampoline

Turn over something, it's all a little dish

Hastily, even infinite

Don't hesitate

Just wait for you to jump




See here

Your heart is not already tempted?

Although there is a lot of wonderful content

Let's start with a wave of welfare first

The activity experience voucher is exempt! Fee! Send!

Real life tank + Super trampoline

As you have fun

Free play.

Keep this news and let more people know about this event!

With the record of the reservation, you can get free (home country dream, reunion heart, Wanda) activity experience voucher, open a tank to play trampoline!