Sports Trampoline Brings Endless Possibilities

- Dec 18, 2017-

This year in the xuhui district bureau of education and sports bureau under the strong support, xuhui youth sports school and Shanghai school "win-win co-operation", through the trampoline project cooperation training, for students to take part in physical exercise to build a new platform.

And the amazing thing is,Sports trampoline brings endless possibilities.

Gao lei, who won the world trampoline championship on November 27th

Also in the scene for the trampoline cooperation for the training CALL!

Besides, gao weifeng, vice-chancellor of the school of education, is the leader of the teaching and research group of the school


Four trampoline athletes from the education school came to Shanghai primary school,

Participate in the launching ceremony of the joint training

Shanghai primary school sports fitness month is November, at the flag-raising ceremony, brigade was introduced for the teachers and students, chairman of Mr Good coaches, players and his enlightenment is also his father - wei-fong kao.

In a warm round of applause, the representatives of the young pioneers wore a small carp badge for them to wear on the Shanghai primary school sports month.

Then, a sports school Gong Yuxin, Richard c.haskelli, YueJiaXin and wu Ling Si four small players for all teachers and students in primary school in Shanghai shows the trampoline movement basic movements, superb trampoline skills won cheers for all the teachers and students, the audience burst into warm applause.


Before the interview, students wore bright red scarves for gao lei's players, President tao, gao weifeng and zhang, and gave a warm welcome to the beautiful flowers.

Then, delegates from how to adjust psychological pressure, how to overcome injuries and mistakes, trampoline for the benefits of physical and mental development to Mr Good questions, Mr Good patiently answer one by one, and encourage everyone to study hard, get pleasure from sports, success.

Through this activity, we encourage all students to learn from gao lei in life and study, and really stick to the training and fight hard!

We also hope that the training of the trampoline project will provide a new way for grassroots selection to further consolidate the hard-won training results of the trampoline project in xuhui district.