Sports Power Trampoline, Bring You A Different Experience

- Dec 21, 2017-

"The popular trampoline was designed to promote trampoline in the early days. With the development of mass trampoline, we started to think about how competitive sports can penetrate into the consumer groups and present competitive sports in an entertaining and popular way." In the Experience Zone reporter Seeing the head of a sports company in Shanghai and the retired athlete Zhang Lijia of the trampoline project, he introduced that there are about 400 trampoline theme parks in the country at present, which is still subject to many restrictions on properties. Since 2014, the trampoline theme park has grown by more than 100 per year. The basic area of the theme park can all be above 1000 square meters. In Beijing and Shanghai, the area of the trampoline theme park ranges from 3000 to 7000 Between square meters.

The reason why the trampoline theme park is hot is firstly that the trampoline project has beneficial properties for the healthy development of children. Research shows that trampolines provide a safe and healthy workout environment for a consumer group such as children before they are 12 years old. "Secondly, in the promotion of mass trampoline, safety is put in the first place to be strengthened.It is inevitable that there are some safety risks in sports, so we require children under 5 years old to be accompanied by parents and children over 5 should be able to participate individually "Sports power trampoline, bring you a different experience

"The venue can be divided into three areas, one is the play area for all ages, one is a children's training area, an adult trampoline area, and the three areas cover play, education and fitness multiple functions."

The reason why the trampoline theme park is expanding rapidly is of course the stimulus of the market demand. "For one parent, the most troublesome thing on weekends is to take the children there. Now the concept of the parents has changed. Weekend to practice a sport To promote children's physical and mental development has become the choice of many people, not just some of the cultural studies.