Small Trampoline Formed Under Natural Conditions

- Jan 15, 2018-

A pair of hikers accidentally discovered a " small trampoline floor" while traveling through a forest near a river in St. Jerome, Quebec, Canada, where a male traveler bounced freely as if to step on a sheet Trampoline, so people questioned this video may be prank.

It has been confirmed that this is a natural phenomenon, surrounded by plants, and trampoline ground is very strong, can support multiple body weight. Some experts believe that the bottom of the flexible ground is the root of the tree, others think it is a dense peat moss.

According to one expert at the Royal Botanic Gardens, I have heard that some foresters are still safe from accidentally falling from the trees while working in primeval forests because the ground is covered with a thick layer of organic material consisting of partially decayed leaves, mycelium and others Fiber debris, which absorb the impact of falling objects.

Andrew Schofield, an emeritus professor at the University of Cambridge's Institute of Geology and Environment, said the flexible ground could cross several fallen trees beneath, forming a support platform with leaves covered above. It is not a solid ground, it is a natural formation, not a deliberately created prank.

Another explanation is soil liquefaction, where the ground absorbs large amounts of water and becomes resilient when flooded. However, some experts do not consider the state to be liquefaction of the soil, which usually does not survive in the vicinity of the phenomenon.