Small Indoor Trampoline Body Activities To Play Childlike Innocence

- Jan 17, 2018-

The reporter was lucky enough to interview the director Liu and the staff of the company, Mr. Jiang, and his wife to learn about this interesting group-building event.

Reporter: Liu charge, hello. I heard that you recently organized the organizing activities won the praise of colleagues, how do you think of going to "music over" sports eco-park it?

Liu: The usual regiment is watching movies, dinner, K song, we organized many times, the more the lack of new ideas, everyone's enthusiasm for participation is not high. Before we took everyone to have a farmhouse, eating and playing all feel so mean. Also thought of climbing, rock climbing or something, but all hard to adjust, it is difficult to unify views. Everybody is not interested, the regiment has lost its meaning. Just buddy recommended their company last week, went to the "music over" sports eco-park, said the beginning trampoline I still laughed, it is not a child to play it. However, listening to buddies so Amway, I think the activities of the small indoor trampoline body is quite good, maybe we can find innocence, just like our colleagues suggested to play there. To sum it up mistakenly hit it, I did not expect everyone playing quite calm.


Note: What is special about this paradise has attracted you?

Liu: I remember the staff introduced there is "the country's first eco-trampoline paradise," I remember it, it had to work with the boss inviting ah, ha ha ha ha ha, we have a pedestrian opened five cars came into the yard To arrange a free parking space. Playing a morning, in addition to happy and release, but also harvested a sweat, but the venue there is a bath can be washed a hot bath, more comfortable. Say there is a meal in the park, we had planned to eat in the evening, we go to the sea fishing it, but as soon as this walk into the "three hundred restaurants," my nose feel, ha ha ha, think of here , But also want to eat that "flying poultry pot", especially that soup is really tasty ah. Staff said, fortunately, we chose the right time, basic food did not line up how to line up. It is said that there are so many people on weekends, eating and devil slides are waiting in line. I thought, when the buddy told Amway, the only drawback was that when they went, people were crowded. No, we did not choose a working day.


Reporter: Mr. Jiang, are you satisfied with this event?

Ginger: The company said to play trampoline, but also can bring family members. I went home with my wife and children and said that this is fine, a trampoline, my son began to jumped on the sofa. I am usually busy with my work, I seldom have the opportunity to accompany my son and my son, and I am happy than anything else!

Remember: I want to take my son, haha.

Ginger: Yeah, my son went back to school and said to the children that this place is fun. Now, several parents asked me where the halls are. If you want to go, you can try that devil slide, almost vertical, 5,6 meters so high it. Few female colleagues are afraid to slip it, or my son brave, ha ha. His mother slipped once and scared it all the time. I also tried it once, fell down and fell into a huge ball pool, the colorful ball was washed out, the moment felt young and ten years old, excited not! The most rare is the venue has been a professional coach at Nursing the children, the ball pool below also padded rubber cushion, the corners of the surrounding equipment also have soft handling, you can rest assured to bring children to play.

Jiang wife: originally just want to accompany the children to go together, the results of their own in the 2000 square meters of trampoline area jumped a can not stop, when a child is not so good facilities and venues, this time it is really over the addiction. Adult area trampoline resilience to play than the children's strong, very exciting. Several of their colleagues in the sponge pool girl, pushing each other to push, and later tired to play, directly stuck, passing a colleague to pull a water, ha ha ha. The coach of the stadium said that many primary and junior high school students also organize to play here. Trampolines can relax and exercise the muscles. Children can bounce more, their balance and coordination ability will be better.


Reporter: I heard that you played a very "special" basketball game?

Ginger: Yes! In the afternoon, several of our colleagues broke through the competitions in the "Ninja Space Zone" and used their hands and feet to challenge the ultimate task. The other colleagues were on the sidelines and were very nervous. Somehow, we are provoked fighting desire, engage in a "full participation" team activities, is in the "jump surface slam dunk area" basketball game, more than the level of stimulation! We also play basketball , But did not experience the "trampoline elastic assists", feel very fresh. A few original scenery of the "Slam Dunk" but because of too high and unstable center of gravity, did not run a few steps fell to the bottom, to make everyone laugh.

Liu: Haha, I deliberately shy of this "jump dunk contest", both for everyone a strong sense of collective honor, but also enjoy it unknowingly enhance the feelings of colleagues and cohesion. This is really a place to go.

As soon as the interview was over, Liu's supervisor was looking for an executive colleague to discuss the next company-wide trip to "Let's Flip". A fun form of sports and entertainment, perhaps so magical, can not only make people immersed in the happy music turned over, but also bring others and the team full of positive energy. Trampoline looks simple, does not require too much skill, is also happy, but this "music over" sports eco-garden reflects the professional and rich but not simple.