Benefits of large stainless steel slide to shopping malls

- Oct 26, 2020-

Shopping malls are a good place to be happy, especially for ladies. Many of them like to go shopping in shopping malls. Even if they don't buy anything, they also like to go shopping. Generally, we all know that this shopping mall has many floors. When we go shopping in the mall, we take the elevator to go up, but now some shopping malls are very special. Because there are not only normal elevators, but also a super large slide in the mall.

At the beginning, the business of some shopping malls was not very good, but after adding this slide, customers increased a lot. This slide is forbidden for children,only healthy adults can sit on the slide. Moreover, it needs to be free of acrophobia. The function of this slide is to go up to the top floor and slide to the first floor directly after shopping on the upper floor .It only takes more than ten seconds, and the speed can be imagined.

This is  a good experience for some bold customers. Since the slide has been built, the business has been several times better than before. Moreover, many customers say that the slide is so cool that they want to play it for the second time after playing the slide. They can only play the slide after shopping in the mall, so this will drive consumption. Such a thrilling game really attracts many customers. Of course, many people dare not play it. After all, it is a bit high. Do you dare to play it?