How To Run A Trampoline Park

- Sep 29, 2019-

Trampoline parks are popular recreational activities for both adults and children, and to make them more profitable, operators need to master some management skills.

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1. Opening publicity

Trampoline park before opening should carry on advertisement promotion, enlarge influence, accumulate popularity. Free experience coupons can be issued to allow customers to have free experience in trampoline pavilion, so that potential customers nearby can know that they have their own brand of trampoline park, so as to build the popularity of trampoline pavilion. During the soft business period can also actively organize rich interactive activities, lively and happy atmosphere can give parents a good impression; In addition, small gifts related to trampoline pavilion brand can be given during the soft operation of trampoline park. Prepare some small gifts for the customers, one is to make the customers feel warm, the other is to advertise the trampoline park through these small gifts to attract parents to take their children to the store in the future to experience consumption.

2. Recharge card & membership card

Trampoline as a project with a wide audience, the target group is from children to young people to middle-aged people, so customers can be introduced to recharge cards or membership cards from all sides. Let a few more have the staff member of sale experience introduces the advantage that deals with charge card, membership card. The preferential power of recharging card and membership card during the soft operation can be big, try to accumulate more customers, in the early return of funds. Register customer information during the application of rechargeable cards and membership cards, and provide special offers on customers' birthdays.

For members, we should increase the promotion of trampoline park membership card, increase the degree of member preference, distinguish the benefits of members and non-members, so as to cultivate customer loyalty. Membership card can also be personalized design, will get more customers like. In addition, because trampoline customers involve children, young people and even middle-aged people, there are various consumption packages of membership card, which can be set as children's experience, adult experience, parent-child family experience and so on, to provide more choices for customers.

3. Staff management

Trampoline park should strengthen the management of trampoline pavilion staff, staff training, strengthen the training of responsibility. Hire employees with professional trampoline knowledge and skills. In this way, professional guidance and protection can be provided during customer experience, professional trampoline demonstration can be provided for customers, and staff can deal with emergencies calmly and provide good experience for customers. In addition to professional clearance, employees should also pay attention to etiquette attitude, to be patient with customers, let customers feel smile service. The essence of employee management is to maintain the safety and active atmosphere of the park, which can enhance the image of the brand in the hearts of customers.

4. Activity planning

Trampoline park can be held regularly trampoline pavilion activities, especially in the holidays launched more interesting activities. Activities should be diversified as far as possible. Different small plates can be set to take care of customers of each age group, improve their sense of experience and deepen their impression of the park. The knowledge and skills about trampoline can be publicized in the activity, or trampoline competition can be held to increase the interest of the activity and accumulate more popularity.