Romantic Circus Wedding Takes You Into A Brand New Trampoline

- Dec 15, 2017-

Romantic circus wedding takes you into a brand new trampoline.With the Soviet-style music sounded the moment, the circus secretly patted his thigh heart: "This is the next bad dish! Russian-style romance came, bring some kind of autumn colors, but also bleak and bright, high-level Romantic feeling blowing. "But this is an extremely costly wedding, jumping in bed wedding, I'm afraid it is rare.


The best man with a flirtatious pink shine debut, a appearance is a few roll over before the roll over, people look at intently. Next to the audience little sister could not help but whispered: "really handsome it!"

Good guys are so handsome, let alone the groom!


Waxed wax, trim the bow tie, put on a handsome sky blue suit. Sure enough, the groom in order to marry his wife is spare no effort, the air swivel and then swivel body, as if to Paris Tower kiss kiss turn determination, will naturally move the most beautiful bride.

Elegant lace princess finally hit the bottom, every step on the happy music, even without high heels, but also bring crystal sweet atmosphere. The bride is really not vegetarian, and constantly challenge the limits of gravity, vacated the body or tumbling, or rotating, or dancing, the middle even interspersed with other people in her flip through the gap from the bottom through. All kinds of incredible moves really make people think this wedding to the value of ...

The body's power, balance, coordination, rhythm flu in many moments have demonstrated vividly, just like a gorgeous "air ballet" wedding.


This visual impact, people really doubt that we are watching the circus it?

Many viewers at the scene feel that this Russian strip trampoline is actually a clever, circus-style wedding, ladies and gentlemen, this form of fear is bound to explode a circle of friends!


And such a mood and atmosphere is the professional actors to bring us the ultimate enjoyment.