Rectangular Trampoline Fully Meet Your Technical Needs

- Dec 22, 2017-


"There are N kinds of rebound trampoline derivative gameplay, not just on the jump under it." Haikou rebound trampoline park coach Wu Chao told reporters that trampoline park in this form originated in the United States and quickly swept North America and Australia, becoming the tide of North American youth One of the sports.and rectangular trampoline fully meet your technical needs.

It is understood that the bounce trampoline exercise is based on the traditional trampoline sports, combined with gymnastics, acrobatics, diving, basketball, handball, volleyball and aerobics and other sports techniques developed by the sport.

"With the help of the trampoline elasticity, you can get rid of the shackles of gravity and experience the joy of exercise in a relaxed, cross-over leap." Wu Chao told reporters that in the slam dunk, with the powerful elasticity of the trampoline, you can easily Jump to 3 meters high in the air, domineering goals. As long as you have some basketball foundation, trampoline can be your push to complete the dunk dream.

During summer vacation, many parents come with children to experience the rebound trampoline. The sky dunk, sponge pool, rainbow network, rock climbing area ... ... many children bouncing on the trampoline bothered, many parents also involved. Zhang Haikou citizens want to tell reporters, "Summer vacation, and let the children playing games all day long at home, it is better to come here to play trampoline, release the nature of children like to jump."

It is understood that in the rebound trampoline exercise 10 minutes is equivalent to half an hour of calories consumed calories. As long as there is enough imagination, trampoline play there are many possibilities.